work song series #1:

GANGSTERS PARADISE: 24 Stunden Basketball

Diese Performance veranstaltet kein Tunier, stellt keinen Weltrekord auf und führt auch keinen Basketballbelastungstest durch. Und Dennoch: David wird einen Tag und eine Nacht lang Basketball spielen.

Normalerweise beschäftigt sich David damit, seinen Stimmapparat auszubilden und jenes gesangliche Klangideal der europäischen Kunstmusik zu erreichen, das nur wenige Erlesene zu erreichen in der Lage sind. Ein wichtiger Bestandteil seines Gesangsstudiums an der renommierten Berliner Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik ist die Erarbeitung von Belcanto-Repertoire, weshalb er im Moment Kompositionen von Bellini einstudiert: „Diese Musik ist wunderschön und ich will sie leben.“ Belcanto - der schöne Gesang - ist das ursprüngliche Klangideal, das der westlichen Kunstmusik zu Grunde liegt. „Wenn der Laie an Operngesang denkt, dann denkt er an Belcanto.“ Obwohl David andere stimmliche Klangideale, zum Beispiel jenes des Soulgesangs, schätzt und würdigt, hat er manchmal das Gefühl, er kann sie nicht richtig verstehen. So sehr er den Shit auch irgendwie fühlen mag, es bleibt eine bestimmte Distanz, ein Graben, so groß wie der Atlantische Ozean. Um sich an diesem Graben abzuarbeiten, wird David also 24 Stunden lang Basketball spielen. Er wird dabei von einem berühmten Hit der Neunziger Jahre begleitet. Sein einziges Licht am Ende des 24stündigen Tunnels wird eine einmalige durch ihn und seine Grenzerfahrung ausgelöste Einspielung von Bellinis Oper „i puritani“ sein.

Performance: David Ristau
Konzept/Regie: Anta Helena Recke
Music: Coolio/Vincenzo Bellini
Technik: Dr. rer. nat. Walter Janoth/ Heiner Klus

This performance does not host a tournament, it does not try to set a world record and neigher realises a load test for basketballs. But still: David is going to play basketball for one day and one night.

Normally David is busy with training his glottis and trying to approach the vocal sound ideal of European art music, which only a few selected ones are able to reach. An important part of his vocal studies at the prestigious Berlin Hans Eisler College of Music is the working out of Belcanto repertoire which is why at the moment he is rehearsing music by Bellini: “This music is wonderful and I want to live it.“ Belcanto - the beautiful chant - is originally underlying the sound ideal of European art music: “If a lay person thinks about opera chant, the person thinks about Belcanto.“ Although David likes and appreciates other vocal sound ideals, like for example the one of soul chant, but he sometimes has the feeling that he just can not understand it. As much as he might feel the shit, a distance remains, a ditch as big as the Atlantic Ocean. So, to work off that ditch David is going to play basketball for 24 hours. He is going to be accompanied by a famous hit of the ninety’s. His only light at the end of the 24-hour-tunnel is going to be the unique playing of a recording of Bellinis opera “i puritani“ that will be triggered by himself and his liminal experience. The performance takes place on the internet.
Follow us live and get close to the action.

watch the performance here

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Angelo: "Playing Basketball for 24 hours is nothing in comparison to seriously watching this for half an hour"

Ersan: "Angelo. Tanya and I watch it since almost 2 hours and we cant stop watching it. Its amazing how different his body is since he began and Im excited to see him at 4 in the morning. But a question. He can piss in the bottle, but what if he has to shit"

Sophia: "He is going to sweat it out."

Man from the association for alpine sports: "You are going to fade the music down, right?"

David, the basketball-player: "I feel like Jesus, dying for mankind."

Eric: "Is anyone counting the hoops? Maybe he is going to set a world record anyways!"

Julian: "Stop eating in front of the camera, thats rude."

Caro: " Everytime you think nobody is watching you, think about me."

Leonie: "Just do it."

Ersan: "I buy the ball for 100 Euro."

Johannes 1: ">>White boys can't jump<<."

Johannes 1:"It's also "high art", your project. Congratulations."

Felix:"Hardest working man in performance-business."

Eric: "Maybe I'll sleep with him tonight."

Caro: "4.07 a.m. - still watchin."

Jacob: "And.....why again?"

Fiona: "We watch anyways."

Agatha: "It doesn't have anything to do with art, but always brave."

Unknown person: "It's a good song. Nobody can deny that."

Fiona: "Does he react to anything? Sugar?"

Johannes 2: "David, I love you."

Jennifer: "I don´t know how it´s going to end, but it will end up as the finest piece of art ever achieved with a basketball!"

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